Furniture Recycling

Whether an area, office, floor or building, we understand that clearing it out ready for re-use is very time consuming and labour intensive for our clients. We also recognise that an organisation needs to plan and coordinate appropriately, issues such as the disposal of waste and decommissioning of IT. This can prove major a headache – especially in the light of increasingly tough regulations regarding the environment, recycling and data protection.

Our specialised team, can manage this process for you. They will conduct a detailed inventory and condition report on all the items that need to be removed. All the items will then go through our 3 tiered recycling policy. This process has been uniquely designed to coincide with current government legislation, and our clients Environmental policy.

Recycling Process:

  • Tier 1 – Re-sale – All items that are deemed to have a re-sale,. will be actively marketed, though our Used Furniture division. All revenue generated will be documented and given back to our client
  • Tier 2 – Re-use – All items that can’t be sold, but are not at their shelf life, are donated to local Schools, Colleges, Charities. Full document will be provided.
  • Tier 3 – Recycle – If they are not usable each item is broken down into it’s major elements, i.e. Wood, metal, plastics etc. 100% of the metal is returned into the primary supply chain, wood/desk tops are chipped and is used in many ways. Plastics are chipped or sent to waste transfer stations for recycling. This is all carried out with 40 miles of the centre of London, reducing the ‘Carbon Footprint’.

We then provide your company a detailed breakdown of how the items have been dealt with by weight. The analysis report can also be used as a supplement in your company Environmental Policy.

The extra cost to divert furniture away from Landfill is marginal and less harmful to the planet.